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Why hire an inspector before your new home warranty expires?



     Most major construction flaws go unnoticed for the first couple years. By this time, correcting these flaws could cost thousands of dollars to remedy, and the builder is no longer responsible. It is unfortunate that most of these flaws go unnoticed until it is too late and extensive damage has already occurred. At the 11th month of ownership, the builder is still responsible for most defects.  It is not the job of the builder to remind you of this—and trust me, they will not.



     Preventing this risk and the possibility of costly repairs is the goal at Over & Under Home Inspections.  Our inspections identify visible defects, we will than create a professionally written report and present it to you & your builder.  This “last chance” inspection is essential in protecting your investment. Remember not only to Inspect Before You Invest, but also to Inspect Before Your Home Warranty Expires.  Call Us Today.

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